The Nation covers Alliance voting rights advocacy

The Nation’s Ari Berman covers two Alliance affiliates’ work protecting and expanding the right to vote, from the Oregon Bus Project’s successful half-decade campaign to bring automatic voter registration to the United States, to MOVE San Antonio’s battle to get voters on the rolls in Texas. Check out the whole article at The Nation.

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Our New Partnership Structure

by Sarah Audelo, Executive Director Across the country, there’s an explosion of young folks trying to figure out how to engage their communities. Our freed-up staff capacity will allow us to meet this moment and the clear wave of interest and enthusiasm for civic engagement. A new partnership model, in addition to our traditional Affiliate

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The Alliance for Youth Action is Here.

Bigger, bolder and more ready to pump up the voices of young people than ever. We have spent the better part of a decade making moves behind the scenes. Pushing the envelope on voting rights. Changing the balance of power in our communities. Transforming the face of leadership across our states. A select few knew

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Announcing Youth Organizing Summit Keynotes

The Youth Organizing Summit is just a few days away, and it is gonna be lit. What was originally an just an awesome idea has now turned into an incredible space with 570 attendees representing 68 organizations and 39 states. Over 50% of attendees are people of color and experts agree that 100% are sooooo

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FACT SHEET: Automatic Voter Registration Transforms Oregon Youth Registration & Turnout Rates

By Henry Kraemer |  June, 2017 Fact Sheet: Automatic Voter Registration Transforms Oregon Youth Registration & Turnout. Also dramatically increases registration rates in communities of color. After a half-decade of leadership and advocacy from the Bus Project (an affiliate of the Alliance for Youth Action) alongside a coalition of advocates, Oregon passed automatic voter registration

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Hundreds turn out for first ever Youth Organizing Summit

In April, we brought out literally *hundreds* of young organizers from all ends of the country to Washington D.C. for the first ever Youth Organizing Summit. It. Was. Huge. Together, we debriefed 2016 and made plans for building progressive power in 2017 & 2018. Our friends at Advocates for Youth, CJRC, FCCP, NAKASEC, NextGen Climate,

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