Request for Proposals

External Facilitator

Proposal Submission Instructions

Send questions and proposals to:

Submission close: February 3, 2023. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed as they are received. 

Budget: Up to $40,000, exclusive of travel and lodging costs or any other costs associated with outside advising expertise outlined below. 

Background Information

The Alliance for Youth Action (AYA) and the Alliance for Youth Organizing (AYO) are youth-driven nonprofits that support a federated network of state-based organizations all over the country in their grassroots, electoral organizing, and advocacy work. Our mission is to grow progressive people power across America by empowering local young people’s organizations to strengthen our democracy, fix our economy, and correct injustices through on-the-ground organizing.

Organizational Leadership and Culture Facilitator

The Alliance for Youth Action, in conjunction with its sister organization the Alliance for Youth Organizing, is looking for a facilitator who specializes in working with senior leadership groups to address internal communication, working together on a senior leadership team, and modeling leadership/org culture.

Project Description and Logistics

In April of 2023 (ideally April 3-4), the Alliance for Youth Action wants to bring an external facilitator for a 1 to 2 day in-person workshop for the Senior Leadership and Executive Leadership groups (6 people) to take a deeper dive into how we can best work together to achieve our strategic organizational goals. The workshop should challenge our senior staff to address communication, working together, and modeling leadership/culture for our organization. Beyond the 1 to 2 day workshop, we’d like this external facilitator to check-in with our group virtually on a monthly basis until the end of 2023 through one of the existing Senior Leadership team meetings, and aid in incorporating 1-2 additional senior leadership staff once they’re hired to ensure there is an understanding of what it means to be a part of the Alliance Senior Leadership.

Desired Outcomes of the Alliance Senior Leadership Workshop(s)

  • Communications plan or system among senior leaders that facilitates open discussion and knowledge of decisions, process, and progress 
  • Prepare senior leaders to take ownership and leadership of work, transitioning the team to a more distributed model of leadership from a model that has been more top-down
  • Create clarity in how organizational decisions are made and how decisions are communicated internally to all staff  
  • Participants have practical and emotional understanding of how to hold and move through generative conflict, and the ability to navigate such conflict while maintaining interconnected leadership and continued focus on organizational needs and goals 
  • Shared understanding on how and why to model culture and leadership for staff, and how to continuously improve one’s leadership

Anticipated Activities and Deliverables

  • 1 to 2 day workshop for our Executive and Senior Leadership groups in Q2 of 2023.
  • Monthly virtual check-ins with Alliance Senior Leadership to check in on progress and talk through challenges through the remainder of 2023.
  • A plan to integrate additional senior leadership staffers (once they’re hired) into the team, culture, and work accomplished up to that point.

Required Proposal Contents

All proposals should include the following: 

  • Brief overview of your practice (organization, company, independent work, etc.), including a short introduction to you/your team and a brief description of prior facilitation experience with senior leaders and staffers. 
  • Describe how you define and approach leadership in your trainings. 
  • Describe how you incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in your training and in leadership.
  • Overview of how you would approach addressing the needs outlined in this RFP, including the estimated amount of hours for the project.
  • 2-3 examples of relevant facilitation(s) you have conducted. Examples of work with networked organizations and/or federated models are especially appreciated.
  • Describe how your programming  will engage participants, both during the in person workshop and during any virtual sessions, and the learning modalities you will deploy..
  • Potential agenda for the 1 to 2 day workshop to achieve the outcomes listed above.
  • What level of experience and skill your training is designed for. 
  • Proposed budget.
  • A list of 4 references.