2021 Annual Alliance Monthly Donor Competition

The 2021 Alliance Monthly Donor Competition is officially here! 

This is our biggest competition ever with twelve of our network organizations from Miami to Seattle participating in this week-long match with the goal of growing their local grassroots sustainer base.

This is more than just a competition. By growing their monthly donors, organizations share ownership of their work with their supporters and have a sustainable revenue stream they can count on. Monthly donors are vital in the longevity and independence of youth-led organizations. Every dollar goes toward year-round grassroots organizing and creating long-term change. This is the strength of people-powered fundraising.

Competition Results

*Last updated October 13th

# of New Donors


$ Raised Per Month


$ Raised Per Year


One-Time Donors Converted


Total Calls Made


Total Non-Staff Engaged


Participating organizations competed in two separate leagues. Here are the top three organizations that raised the highest percentage of their budget over the course of the week.

League 1

#1 – Engage Maimi

#2 – Forward Montana

#3 – New Era Colorado

League 2

#1 – NH Youth Movement

#2 – Next up

#3 – VA Student Power Network

Participating organizations also unlocked grants for reaching certain benchmarks or outperforming on certain tactics:

Organizations that grew their number of monthly donors by 20% or higher:

  • Engage Miami
  • Forward Montana
  • Michigan Student Power Network
  • New Hampshire Youth Movement
  • Virginia Student Power Network
  • The Washington Bus

Organizations that converted the most one-time donors into monthly donors:

  • Forward Montana
  • New Hampshire Youth Movement
  • Next Up

Organizations who made the most amount of calls:

  • New Era Colorado
  • Next Up

Organizations who engaged the most non-staff:

  • Forward Montana
  • Michigan Student Power Network

Organizations that grew their monthly income the most:

  • Engage Miami
  • Virginia Student Power Network

Organizations with the best digital engagement:

  • Chicago Votes
  • Virginia Student Power Network

Meet the Players

Here are the 12 Alliance Network organizations competing in the Monthly Donor Competition this year! Want to get in the game? Become a monthly donor today!

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