Tohono Indian Women led the Tucson 2019 Women’s March with a show of strength, resilience and power. This woman’s sign said: My Mom, Sisters, Aunties and Grandmas are sacred. Her son was by her side. International Women’s Day

Into The Light: Addressing Indigenous Issues Today

It is that time of year again where the old false narrative of Pilgrims and Indigenous peoples coming together in harmony deeply roots itself into the American psyche – Thanksgiving. We can not, and must not, continue rewriting history.

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photo of sarah audelo

Sarah’s Fearless Leadership

After four incredible years leading the Alliance for Youth Action, Sarah is transitioning out of her role as executive director at the end of this month. Before we officially say goodbye, we have to take a moment to honor and celebrate the incredible growth the Alliance has experienced under Sarah’s leadership.

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people driving students to polls in golfcart

Here is What We’re Celebrating from Election Day

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep on saying it: Every. Election. Counts. The organizations in the Alliance Network helped turn out young voters resulting in some of the biggest victories we’ve seen in 2021. Here is how they did.

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3 photos of latinx organizers

Latinx Organizers Powering the Alliance Network

This month, we have celebrated the Latinx youth who power our work from organizers in our network organizations to our very own Executive Director, Sarah Audelo. They all show us that when we bring our full selves to our organizing work, including our culture and heritage, we build a better world for us all.

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A blue tinted photo of a graduation behind text that says cancel student debt

Back to School, Deeper in Debt

With millions of students going back to school and the student loan payment pause ending in a few months, it is vital that we keep up the pressure on the Biden Administration and our legislators to cancel student debt. Young people deserve a fair shot at an affordable and accessible education. Help young people live out their dreams, not live in debt. 

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A photo of a group of Engage Miami organizers posing and smiling by the water

How People Powered Movements Win

Young people’s impact on the 2020 election was resounding, creating a fervor for progressive change that has continued in 2021. Monthly donors, or sustainers, are vital to powering this work and building the infrastructure needed to transform our communities and our country.

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