We Created a Zine! 🎉

We are so excited to present to you… 🥁 Democracy Done Right, our first-ever democracy and voting rights zine! 🎉

Protecting the right to vote and access to the ballot box remains an important issue for young people—especially for youth organizers in the network. The Democracy Done Right zine celebrates all of the progress we’ve made as a nation thanks to youth organizers in the Alliance Network, while uplifting the power of artwork from artists across our network.

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Meet the Artists

Raphael Miller (he/she/they)

“At the end of the day, our voices are each individual and unique, but can come together to make something bigger than life if we choose to represent our collective power as authentic young, Black, Brown, LGBTQ+, femme, disabled, neurodivergent, working class, immigrant, whole people as not only part of a healthy democracy, but healthy, beautiful, diverse society.”

King Moosa (he/him/his)

“My piece is about diversity in the voting space as well as making voting and caring an impactful act of love. I want black and brown folk alike to see my piece and see that there is a space for them to be seen and heard.”

Anya Ramos (she/her/hers)

“Democracy done right means peace and healing. [In my piece] [the] bear is at the capitol symbolizing a gender neutral leader (acceptance of others) and the bear itself symbolizes a non-traditional leader in the world of politics. The bear is speaking about various topics ranging from weed legalization to undocumented rights. Each is a symbol for those movements. The pavement says “for us” symbolizing democracy actually works for the people who have been silenced for too long.”

David Ellis (he/him/his)

“These collections of pieces were created for Chicago Votes’ ‘Voting in Prison’ rally and lobby day to illustrate realities to challenge the dominant narrative that prisons are just and people in prison deserve to be there. The pieces speak to the laws that created our racially unjust system, and the current inhumane conditions we force people to live in.”

Ollie Bandong (they/them/theirs)

“My submission tells us what a democracy done right looks like to me because it showcases the journey of transition and how democracy will not be “done right” until we all feel as though we are “enough”. In order to get there, a lot needs to change and get done.”

Caro Gutierrez (they/them/theirs)

“As attacks on education intensify in Florida, we are preparing to see the next phase of right wing attacks to target our libraries, which is why now more than ever, we must protect libraries! They are our sanctuaries and community space and where ideas can be freely discussed. This art piece would reflect the importance and beauty of libraries and our role in upholding democracy by protecting these sacred spaces and asking for more investment and expansion of their services.”

Zine Spotlight on Orgs Protecting Democracy

Through the Alliance’s capacity building services, several network organizations have expanded their voting rights advocacy this year. As featured in the zine, here’s how Alliance Network organizations that are a part of our new Advocacy Cohort advances local democracy and voting rights work ahead of 2024.

Engage Miami – Given the state-level political climate, Engage Miami is focusing on local opportunities to expand democracy in Miami-Dade County. In 2023, Engage Miami is putting efforts into advocating for Miami-Dade County Public Schools to increase the effectiveness and implementation of the voter registration program for students in high schools. 

Forward Montana – In recent years, Forward Montana has engaged in litigation challenging some of the most egregious anti-voter bills in the country. Anti-democracy legislation is threatening the very foundations of Montana’s democratic system, but in 2023 Forward Montana is leading a coalition of partners in working to combat anti-democracy legislation.

Chicago Votes – Through their Unlock Civics program, Chicago Votes has challenged the status quo in jails and prisons, bringing civics to the inside. Alongside the Unlock Civics Coalition, Chicago Votes is focusing on ending felony disenfranchisement in Illinois with House Bill 39. If passed, HB39 would expand the right to vote for currently incarcerated people in prisons statewide, allowing Illinois to join Maine, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. as places that allow people in prison to vote.

Mississippi Votes – Mississippi is one of the few remaining states in the US without a ballot measure process. To lay claim to direct democracy, and to increase accountability and transparency, Mississippi Votes launched The Mississippi Ballot Measure Process Reinstatement Campaign.

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