Democracy Debut

The Alliance for Youth Action is rolling out the red carpet to celebrate first-time voters making their Democracy Debut! More than 8 million young people have turned 18 since the 2020 election. Imagine a world where all of them cast a ballot every election? We’d be unstoppable.

We want to make sure the wave of new voters feel confident about making their democracy debut into their civic engagement journey. If you’re a newly registered voter, we’d love to hear from you!

Share Your Story

Did you register to vote for the first time this year? However you engage in our democracy, we want to hear from you. Share your story and tell the world that you’re making your democracy debut!

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All of the artwork in this campaign was designed by Caro Gutierrez, a young graphic designer based in Miami, Florida.

Join Democracy Done Right

Take part in our Democracy Done Right campaign to help the Alliance team tell elected leaders we need a voting system that reflects the America we are today.

Get #VoteReady

Photo from Engage Miami

Getting #VoteReady is one the most powerful ways we can fight for our democracy. And that power is in our hands. Use the Alliance #VoteReady hub to start making your plan to vote today!