Local Organizing

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The Alliance for Youth Action will own young voter turnout nationally in 2019 and 2020, because our democracy simply depends on it. Bringing years of research into the youth vote and an unparalleled understanding of effective tactics, the Alliance is implementing a targeted campaign to engage and sustain young people electorally.

E Pluribus Awesome

The Alliance is America’s premiere youth organizing network because our work is driven 100% by local organizations. When the movement succeeds, it’s because of the local organizations putting in the work. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters in politics is people power at the local level. That’s what why we support the organizations who build it.

The Alliance supports two kinds of local organizations – a core group of Alliance Affiliates who drive our national strategy, and a larger extended network of Youth Organizing Partners who make our campaigns a reality at the local level.

Alliance Affiliates

The Alliance for Youth Action is 100% accountable to the local affiliates who drive our strategy, elect our boards of directors, and form the backbone of our network. They’re also some of the greatest organizers around. You should check out each & every one and write them all huge checks.

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Alliance Youth Organizing Partners

Progressive young people’s organizations come in all shapes and sizes – and we’re here to support them. By joining Alliance campaigns, Youth Organizing Partners get programming, operational, financial, and fundraising support. Youth Organizing Partners make sure young people power work gets done in every state, city, and district that can tip the balance in America.

Check out our Youth Organizing Partners, get a serious organizer crush, and give them the support they deserve.

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Join Our Network

To truly hold power and make lasting progress in America, we need everybody pulling together. If you’re with a youth power organization or are considering starting one, hit us up to see how we can work together. The movement needs you, and we want to help you succeed. Contact kenny@allianceforyouthaction.org to start the conversation.