Our Vote. Our Future.

Pumping up young people power in elections

New Era Colorado

From the American Revolution, to the Civil Rights Movement, to Women’s Liberation, united young people change the world.

From the streets, to hearing rooms, to the ballot box, we join together to prove our power.

The Alliance for Youth Action connects voter engagement with collective advocacy and action to form a full circuit of civic strength.

Young Voter Engagement by the Boatload

American Voter Guide

Young people vote to advance our issues, but many struggle to see the differences between candidates running for office. The Alliance created the American Voter Guide to connect elections to issues in a simple, trustworthy way – educating & turning out young voters in one fell swoop.

Year Round Education & Turn Out in Every Election

Democracy can’t stop, so neither can we. The Alliance educates voters year around, and turns them out every single election – with our patented charmingly obnoxious person-to-person encouragement.

Going to Bat for the Ballot

If you want our generation to vote, you need to make the case why it matters. So we lift up the examples of our generation turning out in record numbers and winning real progress. We connect elections and issues for young voters & then connect those voters to the ballot.