July 2024: Youth Power Pulse

This year, the Alliance Network has been hard at work with vibrant reminders of the strength of youth power! While all 19 member organizations have been making waves nationwide, here are some standout achievements we’re excited to highlight this time around:

MOVE Texas: So far in 2024, MOVE Texas youth organizers have been passionately advocating for their Texas Youth Policy Agenda. They’ve been registering and educating young Texans on the primary elections, testifying to support DEI programs, hosting legislative training, and supporting student protesters. Now, they’re gearing up for the November elections, growing their team with digital artists, content creators, campus organizers, and canvassers to inspire, educate, and register their community.

New Hampshire Youth Movement (NHYM): As the New Hampshire Legislature nears the end of its session, NHYM is focusing on educating and mobilizing their community about newly passed legislation. They collaboratively advocated for HB 1400, which reduces parking minimums and, in turn, will create more space for housing and green areas. Now, they’re urging the Governor to veto several bills that threaten voting rights (HB 1569) and LGBTQ+ justice (HB 396, HB 619, HB 1205, and HB 1312).

One APIA Nevada: Leading up to the June Primary Elections, and in preparation for the November Elections, One APIA Nevada has been actively registering and inspiring AANHPI community members throughout the state. Their impressive efforts include: knocking on 37,000+ doors, securing 2,000+ voter pledges, registering 900+ voters, making 200+ calls, and hosting four GOTV events with 600+ collective attendees!

Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT): As LIT heads into summertime in Wisconsin they are dedicating energy to recruiting youth leaders throughout their state to participate in three exciting programs: the Civics Black Hogwarts in Milwaukee for the leadership development of young activists and organizers, the Youth Power Summit in Madison for high school students to collaborate on campaigns for Black & Brown liberation, and Fall 2024 Internships for young people to gain hands-on experience in LIT’s various departments.

Minnesota Youth Collective (MNYC): This year, MNYC celebrated a successful legislative session with wins that now protect tenants’ rights to organize, ensure early voting for college students on campus, and require voter registration education in high schools. They’re now dedicated to community engagement and collective action, hosting programs like their collaborative Sex Ed Listening Sessions in which they meet with youth to reflect on their sex ed experiences with the hopes of shaping future policy!

New Era Colorado: During the Colorado Legislative Session, New Era successfully advocated for their top priorities: renter protections against evictions (HB 24-1098) and residential occupancy limits (HB 24-1007). For the June Primary Elections, they focused on ensuring everyone in their community was #VoteReady! From registering voters to marking calendars and explaining ballots, youth organizers were dedicated to getting out the vote throughout their state.

Georgia Youth Justice Coalition: Currently, Georgia Youth Justice Coalition is working with other organizations and educators to hold Cobb County School District accountable for attacks on marginalized students. In June, they filed complaints with the US Department of Education and a joint federal lawsuit against the district. Although initially inspired by ongoing national book bans, these actions are a response from ‚Äúcountless students, parents, and community members standing up to systemic racism, entrenched bias, and a disregard for our community” (Maariya, Campbell HS Alumnus).

Forward Montana: Just days before the second anniversary of the Dobbs decision, Forward Montana & Montanans Securing Reproductive Rights collected 117,000 signatures to get abortion protection on the November ballot–nearly double the amount needed! This historic achievement is the joint effort of 500+ volunteers and represents the highest number of signatures collected for a single ballot initiative in Montana history, with signatures collected from all 56 counties and all 100 house districts.

If the first half of the year is any indication, we can only imagine how amazing Q3 and Q4 will be!