The Alliance Network's 2023 Monthly Donor Competition

The 2023 Alliance Network Monthly Donor Competition

It’s time for the Alliance Network’s 2023 Monthly Donor Competition!

This week, 11 Alliance Network organizations will go head-to-head in a friendly match to grow their own monthly donor program, helping create a sustainable base of grassroots funding. Sustainers are vital to powering the work of organizations on the ground and building the infrastructure needed to transform the communities our network serves. A strong sustainer program helps organizations remain sustainable and beholden to their base of supporters by having a stream of support they know they can count on for the long run. 

This tradition has helped our network laser-focus on local grassroots giving. If there’s anything these challenging years have taught us, it’s how critical it is to be able to count on a steady, predictable stream of funding. A reliable flow of monthly dollars allows youth-led organizations to continue their work no matter what while building financial independence. By being a monthly donor, you are playing a vital role in powering our movement to win the future we deserve.

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Competition Progress

*Last updated on 10/6/23

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