2022 Annual Alliance Monthly Donor Competition

The 2022 Alliance Monthly Donor Competition is officially here! 

July 25th-31st, eleven Alliance Network organizations went head to head in a nationwide match to grow their monthly donor programs, build towards more sustainable and people-powered organizations, and unlock matching grants in return. 

This eight-year tradition has helped our network laser-focus on local grassroots giving. If there’s anything these challenging years have taught us, it’s how critical it is to be able to count on a steady, predictable stream of funding. Monthly dollars allows youth-led organizations to continue their work no matter what while building financial independence. Monthly donors are vital in powering our movement year-round to win the future we deserve.  

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Competition Results

*Last updated August 4th

# of New Donors


$ Raised Per Month


$ Raised Per Year


One-Time Donors Converted


Total Calls Made


Total Non-Staff Engaged


Participating organizations competed in two separate leagues. Here are the top three organizations that raised the highest percentage of their budget in the competition.

League 1

#1 – Leaders Igniting Transformation

#2 – Forward Montana

#3 – Engage Miami

League 2

#1 – Next Up

#2 – Michigan Student Power Alliance

#3 – The Washington Bus

Meet the Players

Here are the Alliance Network organizations competing in the Monthly Donor Competition this year! Want to get in the game? Become a monthly donor today!

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