To a new administration and a just future

The day has finally come. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been sworn in as our President and Vice President of the United States. There are no words to describe how ready we are to welcome this new administration, celebrate what it took to make today a reality, and gear up for the many fights ahead. More people voted for Joe Biden than any candidate in U.S. history. Kamala Harris is the first woman – and specifically woman of color – elected vice president. The 117th Congress is the most diverse Congress in history, with record gender and racial diversity. And it was young people – and specifically youth of color – who took their organizing from the streets to the ballot box to save our democracy. 

There is much to celebrate. Yet, this historic inauguration is happening when we are facing so much as a nation – a global pandemic, economic crisis, and constant threats of insurrection from white supremacists. 

As we called for in our statement earlier this month, we continue to fight for the conviction of Trump, expulsion of Members of Congress who wanted to stop the certification of the election results, and an investigation into how white vigilantes were permitted to storm the Capitol. Since then, we’ve learned that an alarming number of on- and off-duty police officers and other public officials also directly aided or participated in the attack on the Capitol. This attack on our democracy may reflect where we are as a nation today, but it doesn’t have to represent who we are in the future. 

While we work to hold Trump and his allies accountable for seeking to destroy our fragile and imperfect democracy, we must also continue to push for policies that will build on our democracy’s promise. We must do all we can to pursue justice, defend democracy, and be bold in our demands to repair, restore, and revitalize our communities. 

Our latest poll with Civiqs of young progressive voters in battleground states shows just what that bold future looks like. Young people understand that we are fighting multiple crises and demand that we go big with fighting for policies including COVID relief, reuniting migrant families at the border, expanding health care access, and taxing wealthy corporations. It is crucial that these demands are centered by the new administration. Already we have seen the Biden Administration start to address some of these challenges – returning the U.S. to the Paris Climate Agreement, extending the pause on student loan payments during COVID, and reversing the Muslim travel ban. Major legislation to end the pandemic, turn our economy around, and address our immigration crisis are around the corner – and we’re eager to partner with friends to ensure the most vulnerable in our communities are supported.

While we turn the page to a new administration, the young people of this nation will continue to sustain the pressure on our elected officials on every level of government to pass legislation that will undo the harms not only of the last four years, but also inherent in our founding. We hope this new administration will work towards what the Alliance network fights for everyday – a country where our democracy works for everyone and where all people – no matter where they come from, what they look like, or how they identify – live in loving, safe, and thriving communities. 

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We are grateful to partner with young people and their organizations as they build transformative power and change our future in real time.