Building for 2020 starts NOW.

You saw the numbers. Young people made history on Election Day. From voter registration numbers that looked more like a presidential year than a midterm to record breaking turnout not seen in over 25 years, young people turned up and turned out this year.

Our network is committed to building young people’s political power, and voting is just one of the tools in our toolbox to build the future we all deserve. Right now, organizations in our network are building issue advocacy campaign plans targeting city councils, state legislatures, and Congress. And of course, they’re back out registering voters.

But our eyes are also on 2020. Over the next year, we will build upon the incredible successes of 2018 to throw down in 2020 and beyond.

This means we are going to:

  • Push candidates to champion the issues young people care about most. From free college to immigration reform, housing to climate change, abortion access to gun violence prevention, voting rights (especially after this year) to criminal justice reform and more. 
  • Demand that anyone running for office in 2020 fights for young people’s votes instead of just expecting young people to fall in line.
  • Build the largest network in our history! We’ll be in more states with bigger program that starts in the primary so that young people are the ones who decide who ends up on the November 2020 ballot.

That work starts today. Watch to learn more.

Feeling inspired? Great, because we’re gonna need you to stick with us. We’ve seen our opposition try and tear our communities apart, limit our access to the ballot, and try to ignore our demands. But through all of that, we’ve seen the resilience of the next generation as they create the world they deserve, full of love, joy, and justice. Will you join us in supporting that vision?