Democracy Done Right Petition

With each generation, voters are more diverse, so why is our voting system still fit for 19th century white landowners? 

When a modern nation holds outdated elections, it wastes millions of dollars, undermines voter confidence, and denies a ton of eligible citizens their sacred right to democracy. The young voters of today are the largest and most diverse voting bloc in our nation’s history, and we deserve a voting system that reflects who we are and the progress we’ve made.

I am joining the Alliance for Youth Action in calling on our elected leaders to support us in creating a modern voting system that works for the America we are, not the America we were. 

I believe a democracy done right looks like: 

Every eligible citizen is automatically registered and up-to-date.

  • Automatically register every citizen at state agencies like the DMV
  • Automatically update voters’ addresses when they move
  • Allow citizens to register and update online
  • Allow pre-registration at the age of 16
  • Give citizens a secure opportunity to register & vote on Election Day
  • Guaranteed full-service voter registration on college campuses

Every eligible citizen can choose the best voting option for them.

  • Mail every voter a ballot with return postage paid and lots of convenient drop-box locations
  • Voters can cast ballots anywhere in the country at user-optimized vote centers
  • Voters have several weeks of early voting, including Saturday and Sunday
  • In-person voting locations are convenient for all voters, including having polling locations on college campuses

No citizen ever loses their voting rights

  • Legal history does not affect a citizen’s right to vote
  • Politicians are blocked from enacting policies that curtail the right to vote