We Are Building a Democracy Done Right

The fight for voting rights is making headlines all across the country. But this isn’t a new fight for us. The local youth-led organizations in our network have led and won voting rights fights in their states for years providing a roadmap for the nation. We amplify their local victories – pre-registration to automatic voter registration –  to create a nationwide movement building a democracy that works for all of us. 

And this week, we are shining the spotlight on this work through our Democracy Done Right campaign.

Starting today, we will be sharing on social media what #DemocracyDoneRight looks like. Each day, we will focus on different pro-voter reforms local, state, and federal elected officials can implement to build a voting system that works for all.

  • April 20: We are focusing on reforms that make the voter registration process as accessible as possible.
  • April 21: We will focus on expanding voting methods so that every voter can vote the best way that works for them.
  • April 22: We will focus on efforts to restore voting rights to people who are incarcerated or were previously incarcerated.

Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, tell us what you think #DemocracyDoneRight looks like and tag us!

To building a voting system that works for all!