Dreams Not Debt Petition

The Alliance Network works hard to make higher education attainable for all who seek it. Youth organizers have released reports on the disproportionate impact student debt collection practices have on Black students and brought together students and borrowers to make their voices heard. From fighting for ballot measures to ensure state investment in higher education to protecting the rights of student loan borrowers, youth organizers in the Alliance Network fight to protect past, present, and future students.

Over 44 million Americans hold student loan debt that amounts to $1.7 trillion and climbing. From a poll the Alliance for Youth Organizing conducted with Civiqs in 2022, 62 percent of young voters ages 17 – 39 said they want some form of student loan forgiveness. Additionally, we see Black and Latinx women favoring canceling student debt over their white peers. We need a massive reset and sweeping reform to ensure our young people are not buried under insurmountable debt that holds them back from thriving in our communities. 

I am joining the Alliance for Youth Action in calling on the Biden Administration to

  • Take bolder steps in addressing the student debt crisis by canceling all current student debt
  • Reform the student loan program to mitigate future student debt
  • Make public colleges and universities free for all students