Growth at the Alliance

Join us in welcoming the newest members to the Alliance staff and congratulating current staff on some exciting promotions!

Julian Iriarte (They/Them) | Finance Manager

In November, we welcomed Julian Iriarte as our new Finance Manager and the latest addition to our growing Finance Team. In their role, Julian oversees our daily operations, builds financial reports to keep us on track, and manages contracts and grants to ensure our network is funded and resourced. When they are not keeping the financial train on track, Julian also holds the title of proud plant parent and published spoken word poet. Welcome, Julian!

John Serpas (He/Him) | Senior Operations Director

Join us in welcoming John Serpas – the Alliance’s new Senior Operations Director. In this role, John will lead our Operations Team and ensure our internal systems are running smoothly. He’ll also provide critical training and support to strengthen the operations teams at Alliance network organizations. When not in the (virtual) office, you can find him online playing Rocket League or watching the Boston Celtics attempt to make a Finals run, but disappoint him in the process. Welcome to the team, John!

Sara Vernon (She/Her) | Data Manager

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Alliance staff, Sara Vernon. Sara is an activist first and data nerd second making her the perfect person to fill the brand new role as Data Manager. In this role, Sara will strengthen data systems for the organizations in the Alliance network, provide training and 1:1 support for network staff, and use data visualizations to tell the powerful story of how our network is building young people’s political power . When not making beautiful spreadsheets, you might find Sara helping people get hitched as she’s an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. Welcome to the Alliance family, Sara!

Daniela Mrabti (She/Her) | Promoted to Digital Director

Join us as we congratulate Daniela Mrabti and her promotion to Digital Director. Daniela has been with the Alliance for more than four years (!) and has been vital to the dramatic growth of the Alliance’s communications work. In her previous role, she grew the Alliance’s brand and presence on social media platforms, optimized our website, built a digital ads program, provided key communications support and training to Alliance network organizations, and has helped tell the story of the power of youth organizing online. We look forward to her continuing to grow in her new role and elevating the Alliance’s digital communications efforts.

Mariella Villacorta (She/Her) | Promoted to Development Coordinator

Join us in celebrating Mariella Villacorta for being promoted to Development Coordinator. Since Mariella joined the Alliance in 2019, she has been an integral part of our Development Team. She has managed our growing monthly donor program and led serious improvements to our internal systems. Mariella’s contributions were crucial in a year where we raised and moved the most resources in our organization’s history to support local youth organizing. We are excited to continue to see Mariella grow in this new role and further develop her fundraising prowess.