Hot Organizing Summer  

Alliance Network Summer 2021 Plans: Learn ✅ Organize ✅ Rest ✅ 

As summer wraps up, we are looking back at the incredible work youth organizers in our network put in to develop strong youth leaders in their communities and organize to fight racist voter suppression all while setting aside the invaluable time to restore through self-care. Here is how the Alliance Network crushed their summer to-do list: 

Alliance Network Summer 2021 Plan: Learn ✅

Network organizations fostered the development and civic education of over 100 young people through internships, fellowships, and other organizing programs

This includes Leaders Igniting Transformation’s famous Black Hogwarts program where young organizers are trained to become the next leaders in Wisconsin. The Washington Bus, Virginia Student Power Network, North Carolina Asian Americans Together, Forward Montana welcomed summer interns and fellows to their organizations. These leadership development programs not only help more young people find their political homes, but they also grow the next generation of young leaders.

Alliance Network Summer 2021 Plans: Organize ✅ 

Online and in the field, we saw organizations continue to do what they do best — organize. Here is what just a few Alliance Network organizations were up to this summer.

Engage Miami

Engage Miami hosted a summer social where they gathered with donors, members, and volunteers to celebrate their growth and wins over the years.

Forward Montana

Forward Montana spent their summer registering voters across the state at everything from the Montana Fair to local farmers markets.

Leaders Igniting Transformation

Organizers with Leaders Igniting Transformation held a demonstration in Milwaukee and La Crosse where students used shoeboxes re-decorated to look like bricks to “build” the school of their dreams. This activation was part of a nationwide week of action to push the Youth Mandate.

MOVE Texas

This summer, MOVE Texas kept up their relentless fight to block voter suppression efforts by conservative legislators. They testified late into the night at the Texas legislature advocating against anti-voter legislation and hosted rallies near the Texas Capitol to raise awareness on the issue.

Minnesota Youth Collective

Minnesota Youth Collective gathered signatures for the “Keep St. Paul Home” campaign to stabilize rent prices and for the Yes 4 Minneapolis campaign to allow for a public-health-focused Department of Public Safety as an alternative to a police-only model. They also launched their MinneDesk Concert series on social media!

Ohio Student Association

Ohio Student Association worked in coalition with the Citizens for a Safer Cleveland campaign to get an initiative on the ballot that would increase police accountability and create a civilian police review board. After canvassing their community for signatures, the initiative is officially on the ballot!

Alliance Network Summer 2021 Plans: Rest ✅ 

But it was not all hard work and no play! Organizations across the network (including the Alliance staff!) took time this summer to rest and recharge after working non-stop this year to keep their communities engaged and elected officials accountable. In the words of Chicago Votes, “You cannot pour from an empty cup. Resting is radical.”

This summer, the Alliance Network took the time to foster and develop the skills of young people to take action by learning how to effectively testify, march, and fight for progressive policies that will help our people thrive. Youth organizers know that creating political homes where young people can fight for our communities while having a safe space to rest is how we build towards a better future. 

This is how we build a movement that is truly of young people, by young people, for all people.