It Is A Big Day for Democracy

Today is one of our favorite holidays, National Voter Registration Day! It’s the country’s largest single-day effort to register voters, get Americans excited about our democracy, and have a rockin’ time while doing it.

The Alliance co-created National Voter Registration Day in 2012 to get more people registered, more people voting, and more people participating in our democracy. As one of the founders of this youth-driven holiday, we are stoked to celebrate this year by supporting hundreds of college campuses & college students to register students to vote as part of our Campus Takeover.

With our partner Young Invincibles, we have supported over 500 college campuses, from Hawaii to Maine, to participate in the Campus Takeover. We have created toolkits, shared resources, hopped on the phone, and granted $25,000 to students and organizations so they can put on the highest quality voter registration events possible.

Today, the Alliance Network is putting pedal to the metal and organizing events all over the country to register thousands of voters. And, yes, we mean thousands. Our network will often register the most voters out of any National Voter Registration Day partner in the country. Just check out groups like MOVE Texas, the Oregon Bus Project, Forward Montana, and more who have been preparing for National Voter Registration Day for months! Following our social media to see what our network is up to today – and get all the positive feels about good, local, work in our democracy.

Voter registration is something we love and do every day. It is part of the fabric of the Alliance. We are stoked to be a founder for such an incredible holiday and to see it grow each year. While our network will be out today registering voters as part of the holiday, we’ll be out tomorrow all the way up to voter registration deadlines.

Happy National Voter Registration Day and happy registering!