New Automatic Voter Registration + Millennial Voter Report

You already know how much the Alliance loves automatic voter registration (aka AVR, fyi).

Ever since the Oregon Bus Project (now Next Up) started working on Automatic Voter Registration (aka AVR, fyi) back in 2009 – and especially since they led a coalition to pass it in 2015 – we’ve been crowing about how huge it is. We got even louder about it this year, when Chicago Votes and Providence Student Union helped win even more expansive AVR reforms in Illinois and Rhode Island. But some people just don’t believe it unless they read it in a fancy report.

So we got fancy, and got to reporting.

Today, we’re joining with our friends at the Center for American Progress and Generation Progress to publish “Millennial Voters Win With Automatic Voter Registration,” a new analysis of the impact of automatic voter registration on young people and people of color in the Oregon 2016 election.

Check it OUT: Millennials Win with Automatic Voter Registration

And after you read that, find out how to spread the campaign to your community: Automatic Voter Registration Activist Toolkit