One Year Out

It’s Election Day! And we are one year out from one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. More eyes than ever will be on the 2020 race and while some may say that young people won’t turn out, we see every day how young people are leading change at the ballot box and in their communities.

We also know what it takes to win – year-round grassroots organizing to mobilize and empower the nation’s largest voting bloc. And that is exactly what we have been building in 2019 to prepare for 2020.

Alliance organizations will use innovative tactics to get out the youth vote today, on November 3rd, 2020, and all the elections in between including:

  • Registering 200,000 young voters
  • Distributing over 1 million voter guides to educate young voters about what’s on their ballot
  • Using innovative tactics to get out the vote like Parties at the Polls and Chicago Votes’ infamous Parades to the Polls
  • Hosting youth-focused candidate forums
  • Utilizing new digital tools to reach more young people
  • Engaging with artists and cultural influencers
  • Getting trained on the latest strategies to better utilize data systems
  • And much more

Not only are we growing young voters through these strategies, we are doing so as a united movement. In August, the Alliance brought together over 200 of the best and brightest young organizers from across the country, including our network, who are hard at work doing scaled, on-the-ground, electoral and issue organizing in their communities for the first-of-its-kind Youth Action Summit.

Young people are the largest, most diverse, most engaged voting bloc in the country. And through local, field-focused, youth-led organizing, we have been building the movement this country needs to get young people to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. But for every win that youth organizers make, there are dozens of naysayers who are critiquing the power of our generation. So, let’s tell the naysayers that we are not only on the right side of history, but we’re making change every single day across this country.

Support the movement that is of young people, by young people, and for all people today!

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