How People Powered Movements Win

Young people’s impact on the 2020 election was resounding, creating a fervor for progressive change that has continued into 2021. Young people are at the forefront of breaking down barriers to accessing democracy and taking action on issues that matter most in state houses, city council chambers, school board meetings, and more. The Alliance’s network of youth-led organizations have employed a wide array of tools and tactics to build our generation’s political power at scale. From legislative advocacy to holding our elected leaders accountable — this work would be under resourced without flexible funding from individual donors. Putting your resources behind 501(c)(4) organizations, like the Alliance for Youth Action, allows for full-spectrum political organizing and education to enable the greatest impact possible. Take the Alliance Voter Guide for example — our c4 voter guides provide clear, concise, issue-based contrasts between candidates and measures on the ballot to ensure young people have the information they need when it’s time to vote.

Monthly donors, or sustainers, are vital to powering this work and building the infrastructure needed to transform our communities and our country. 

The Alliance launched our monthly sustainer program in late 2019 to build a broad base of grassroots donors who care deeply about our mission. Our monthly donors are one of our greatest assets. Here’s why they are committed to our work for the long haul:  

MOVE Texas organizers with masks posing in front of a"vote here" sign

Movement Building

Small donors come together to work for change and can see the lasting impact of their gift, no matter how small. Not everyone can volunteer, make calls, or show up in person, but a monthly donation of any size can help bring more people into our movement.

OSA organizers posing with masks on


Recurring support helps keep organizations’ doors open by providing a steady, predictable stream of funding that organizations like ours can rely on every month.

Two young organizers with masks on and clipboards

Grasssroots Impact

Sustainers have the opportunity to support crucial grassroots political and issue organizing to create change in local communities.

Our sustainer program helps to ensure that we are an independent, sustainable and people-powered organization.

Albrecht Moritz, one of our wonderful monthly donors, had this to say about his ongoing support:

“Even “off” years are important, because you still need to use the time to maintain and further build infrastructure and information about voters. Elections happen all the time as well, especially on the local level. Young voters literally are the future of our country”

— Albrecht Moritz, Monthly Donor

Albrecht’s sustaining contribution is helping us build long-term people power that will endure well beyond the next election. Our network of young leaders and organizations are in their communities for the long haul, not like the one-off campaigns that come and go each cycle. Every day, we support the young people that are showing up and fighting for the change we want to see in the world,  and our monthly donors are crucial in this fight. 

Learn more about our sustainer program and start your monthly contribution today.