Alliance for Youth Action Executive Director Available to Discuss Upcoming ‘Dreams Not Debt’ Week of Action, Student Debt Crisis


April 1, 2022


Carmel Pryor


**April 2 – April 10, 2022**

WASHINGTON — On Monday, April 4th, with less than one month away from the moratorium on student loan payments ending on May 1st, the Alliance for Youth Action will kick off their Dreams Not Debt Week of Action, calling for bold solutions to the student debt crisis.  The Alliance aims to build a future where young people are financially free to dream and not be held back by student debt. This week of action will amplify the work that the Alliance Network of local youth-led organizations is doing to address the student debt crisis from coast to coast, uplift student debt stories from across the country,  and call on President Biden to cancel student loan debt. 

  • Monday, April 4 // Pick Up the Pen, Joe! Day of Action for Student Debt Cancellation: Hosted by the Debt Collective, join us at the Pick Up the Pen, Joe! rally in Washington D.C. in front of the Department of Education to call for President Biden to Cancel Student Debt. 
  • Tuesday, April 5 // Join the Twitter Chat: Dream big with us in a conversation on Twitter about the student debt crisis and the big, bold solutions to end it.
  • Wednesday, April 6 // Community Dreams: How are local communities dreaming of a debt-free future? Learn how Alliance Network organizers are fighting to change the policy landscape for education at every level. 
  • Thursday, April 7 // Student Debt Stories: Stories are one of our most powerful tools in this fight. Look out for student debt stories from our network!
  • Friday, April 8 // Sign the Petition: Finally, join our movement by signing our petition calling on President Biden to address the student debt crisis. We’ll also unveil a brand new video!

For all Dreams Not Debt Week of Action updates, see here.

Executive Director Dakota Hall’s availability for interviews: 

  • This weekend (April 2-3): flexible availability
  • Monday, April 4: available after 7:15pm ET
  • Wednesday, April 6 – Friday, April 8: available after 6:30pm ET
  • Next weekend (April 9-10): flexible availability, but please confirm by Thursday, April 7th  

Alliance Network Local Organizing Efforts:

  • New Era Colorado is currently working to protect borrowers by limiting a practice in which colleges withhold transcripts from students because they owe money. 
  • Ohio Student Association is working in coalition with other organizations across the state to tackle student debt including student debt cancellation, financial aid expansion, and the end of harmful punitive policies such as transcript withholding.
  • Virginia Student Power Network is fighting the corporatization of higher education and mobilizing students for annual advocacy days at the General Assembly calling for an end to student debt and free public college.

To schedule an interview with Dakota Hall, and organizers within the Alliance for Youth Action Network, please reach out to Carmel Pryor at