Alliance for Youth Action Highlights the State of Local Organizing Following the State of the Union 

For Immediate Release:

February 9, 2023

Press Contact:

Carmel Pryor

Washington, D.C. – On the heels of President Biden’s State of the Union address, the Alliance for Youth Action recognizes the incredible efforts of youth organizers to make the state of the union strong.  As we reckon with rising inequality, climate catastrophe, and a democracy in peril, young people across this nation are organizing their communities and leading our nation forward. 

Here is a snapshot of the amazing Alliance Network youth organizing making the state of our union strong in 2023:

Racial Justice & Policing: Reeling from yet another case of police brutality, President Biden, who invited the parents of Tyre Nichols, said we must hold police departments accountable for their actions. 

The Alliance Network has been hard at work to deter more senseless violence in our communities.  Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) is advocating for the University of Wisconsin System to divest from policing and reimagine safety on college campuses. Out west, Next Up has joined the #FairShotForAll coalition, to transform Oregon’s justice system by funding services to reduce racial disparities and advocating for Senate Bill 1510, which would lower the number of traffic stops for minor infractions like broken tail lights.

Democracy & Voting Rights: In his speech, President Biden said  “we must protect the right to vote, not suppress that fundamental right. We honor the results of our elections, not subvert the will of the people.”

Young people have been fundamental to that fight for years. Across the nation, the Alliance Network has organized to make sure our democracy works for all of us, not just a limited few. Chicago Votes is advocating for incarcerated people in prisons through Senate Bill 828, and Washington Bus is addressing voter registration through expanding democracy voucher programs and fighting for ranked choice voting in primaries.  

Abortion Access: As Biden mentioned, conservative politicians are trying to restrict access to abortions, and he will block any such legislation that comes his way. 

The Alliance Network is organizing to block such legislation as well. New Era Colorado has coordinated robust education programs to #SmashtheStigma on abortions. New Era is engaging young people through the Brazen Project, which seeks to educate students about anti-abortion “health clinics” and support youth advocacy for reproductive justice. In 2023, New Era will work at the Capitol to regulate anti-abortion centers’ deceptive advertising meant to lure young people into these centers using vague messaging to then face biased counseling to steer them away from time-sensitive procedures. 

Economic Justice: President Biden spoke to a central issue facing young people: reducing student debt and reworking our economy to support the average American.

Alliance for Youth Action dreams of a world where our debt does not define us, where we can live just, prosperous lives without having to choose between our education or our livelihoods. Our network is fighting to ensure this dream is possible. The Ohio Student Association is working to get the Attorney General out of the business of collecting student debt and expanding the Ohio College Opportunity Pell Grant. President Biden agrees, we must finish the job and ensure students are more educated and thrive beyond the classrooms. 

Young people across this nation are organizing their communities and fighting for thriving communities, economic justice, and a democracy done right. The Alliance for Youth Action is committed to this fight. Together, we build movements, engage our civic imaginations, and lead our nation forward, making our union stronger. 

If you are interested in speaking with Network leaders or executive directors from the Alliance for Youth Action Network,  please reach out to Carmel Pryor, Senior Director of Communications (