RELEASE: Alliance for Youth Action on flexing the power of the youth vote


November 16, 2022


Carmel Pryor

WASHINGTON — With Election Day behind us, one thing is clear: It wasn’t a red wave—it was a youth wave. This wouldn’t have been possible without youth organizers who mobilized young people in their communities to show up informed and ready to cast their ballots in this year’s midterms. Youth organizers across the Alliance Network have been organizing their communities all year long helping with the second-highest youth voter turnout in a midterm election in the last three decades.

“It is now clear that millions of young people cast their ballots to save democracy and decide key 2022 elections. This year’s election showed that young people are not only reimagining a democracy done right, but also reimagining what this country could be in the future because—let’s face it—young people are pissed off.” said Alliance for Youth Action Executive Director Dakota Hall. “This anger directly led to historic youth voter turnout and a nationwide rejection of MAGA extremism. Young people know that Donald Trump is a racist piece of sh*t—and they’re ready to deny him the presidency again.”

Here is just a glimpse of the work the Alliance Network did this cycle to mobilize young people and fight for our future:

  • Overall, the Alliance Network made millions of contacts with young voters across the nation:
    • Total Volunteers: 3,282
    • Fellows: 209
    • Relational Volunteers: 3,205
    • Relational Attempts: 64,324
    • Total VR: 71,896
    • Voter Guides: 1,252,561
    • Mail Pieces: 1,943,502
    • Knocks: 500,334
  • Our network of organizations targeted races across the board, from local races to governorships, state legislative races to U.S. Senate seats. In total, our 20 affiliates engaged in 256 competitive races in several key states.
  • Nearly 70% of the candidates the Alliance Network endorsed won their elections and nearly 80% of the measures supported passed.
  • Chicago Votes is heading into a veto session to advocate for Senate Bill 828, which will restore voting rights for currently incarcerated folks. 
  • Engage Miami organized around, and won on Referendum #210 which increases teacher’s pay in Miami-Dade County
  • This year, Loud Light in Kansas won their abortion ballot initiative and Governor’s race. They also had nearly 40 fellows organizing college students across ten different campuses. Alongside the ACLU of Kansas, they also ran a statewide Election Protection program with nearly 150 poll observers across 20 different counties.
  • In Wisconsin, Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) knocked over 120,00 doors this cycle, accompanying that with 250,000 calls, and 73,000 voter guides distributed to young folks across the state helping Democratic incumbent Gov. Tony Evers declare victory.
  • Detroit Action is celebrating winning on two ballot measures. One that will expand voter access and another to enshrine reproductive rights. Detroit Action also helped to secure the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and flip the State Senate.
  • Thanks to their rigorous work engaging Asian American voters, North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) saw a huge increase in AAPI early vote numbers. A 66% increase from 2018, and 7x more than in 2014.

See more Alliance Network victories on the Alliance’s website. 

If you are interested in speaking with Executive Director Dakota Hall and/or youth organizers from the Alliance for Youth Action network, please reach out to