STATEMENT: Alliance for Youth Action Rallies for Student Loan Debt Cancellation During SCOTUS Arguments

For Immediate Release:

February 28, 2023

Press Contact:

Carmel Pryor

Washington, D.C. – In wake of today’s opening Supreme Court student loan debt relief arguments, staff from the Alliance for Youth Action alongside Network organization Ohio Student Association are joining countless other organizations in a rally to demand SCOTUS side with the Biden Administration and provide debt relief to millions of Americans.

Responding to the moment, Alliance for Youth Action Executive Director Dakota Hall released the following statement

“Young people in America are crushed by student loan debt, and the problem is only getting worse with each day. 

“One in six Americans have student loan debt, putting nearly 45 million people underwater with no help. The trillion-dollar issue is even direr for Black and Latino students, students with disabilities, and first-generation students, all of whom were promised a better life with a college degree. It’s unacceptable and desperately needs to change. 

“That is why today, the Alliance for Youth Action Network stands together in solidarity with so many other organizations and individuals at the Supreme Court. We’re calling on SCOTUS to do right and rule in favor of the Biden administration, providing debt relief to millions of Americans. 

“Student loan debt is a crisis defining several generations. Year after year, predatory lending companies have ransacked the pockets of students, all while the government has failed to act in any meaningful way against these companies. The buck stops here. Young people are struggling, and if we’re supposed to lead the country into a new era, we can’t have ball-and-chain debt dragging us down.”

If you are interested in speaking with spokespeople from the Alliance for Youth Action Network,  please reach out to Carmel Pryor, Senior Director of Communications (