The Alliance for Youth Action’s Week of Action Uplifts the Young Organizers on the Ground Fighting for Democracy

For Immediate Release

August 26, 2022

Press Contact

Carmel Pryor

WASHINGTON — The Alliance for Youth Action’s nationwide Democracy Done Right campaign is fully underway, amplifying demands for a voting system that works for all Americans. Today, we celebrate the heroes carrying the message and the movement for democracy on the ground.

The Youth Organizer Spotlight Series features the stories of young people driving the collective local organizing power in the Alliance Network. So far, we’ve highlighted Black and rural youth organizers in our network; This time, we collected nominations for the “hometown heroes” in our network, organizers doing incredible work to make the community they grew up in a better place. Community Organizers like Caro Gutierrez of Florida and Rija Nazir of Kansas are amplifying the issues that matter to GenZ, like climate change and voter mobilization.

Caro Gutierrez (she/they) – Miami, FL

“…we are susceptible to all sorts of environmental disasters but see little action on our local government’s end to address that instead of continuing to guzzle money out for luxury housing, and so much more. I’m tired of that, and I know that that sentiment is echoed by so many others here. So I’d like to see a community where we all actively learn how to play a role in protecting everybody, not just those with funds and power.”

Rija Nazir (she/her) – Wichita, KS

As someone who has been involved in Kansas politics since I was 16, I felt an obligation to put my political knowledge to power during this primary election. When it comes to marginalized Wichitans, they are seldom given the opportunity to learn about upcoming elections and elected officials, let alone ballot measures…I felt as if this campaign was one step towards giving back.”

If you’d like to get in touch with any of our youth organizers or AYA executive director, Dakota Hall, please email Carmel Pryor,