By Mask or By Mail, Gen Z and Millennial Voters Are Turning Out in Historic Numbers with Help from the Alliance for Youth Action Network

October 29, 2020

Carmel Pryor

WASHINGTON—As of this week, more than five million young people (ages 18 – 29) have now cast their ballot in states across the country. In states like Texas and Florida, the number of absentee and early votes cast is far higher than at the same point in 2016. It is the organizing efforts of the youth-led organizations in the Alliance for Youth Action network that help turn out these unprecedented numbers. The Alliance is dedicated to building the political power of young people and is using the final days of the election season to ensure young people are heard at the polls. 

“By mask or by mail at the ballot box, drop box, or mailbox, already Generation Z and Millennials are voting and voting in high numbers – but we take nothing for granted,” said Sarah Audelo, Executive Director of Alliance for Youth Action. “Youth organizers in the Alliance for Youth Action network are mobilizing their peers across the country to ensure historic turnout. We know this is the most important election of our lifetimes.”

The Alliance network has recruited hundreds of volunteers to reach young and new voters to talk about their early voting options and what to expect on their ballot. Organizations in the Alliance network have also developed essential voter guides that break down the candidates’ stances on the issues young people care about and describe what the ballot amendments or measures mean so young people can confidently vote up and down the ballot. Additionally, they are facilitating relational organizing events where youth voters can encourage their friends and family to vote early. 

Alliance network organizations are also getting creative with their early voting outreach. Engage Miami plastered the city with Vote Early billboards and bus stop signage. Forward Montana is hosting an extended Student Voter Day—four days long this year—to ensure Montana students cast their ballots early.

On Vote Early Day, MOVE Texas partnered with Harris County and MTV to pass out voter survival guides, masks, hand sanitizer, and swag outside of one of Houston’s mega polling centers. Poder in Action hosted a socially-distant block party called Brujxs Con Boletas where young people could fill out their ballots together and celebrate voting early. Detroit Action hosted a Just F**kin Vote Music Festival featuring local artists and vendors to help young people learn about voting early and the power of their vote. See more information on the get-out-the-vote efforts across our network

Young people now make up the largest voting bloc in America, and in the last few days before Election Day, the Alliance network is ensuring that young people exercise their political power at the polls.