Alliance for Youth Action Announces Six Figure Mobilization Mail Program

October 16, 2020

Carmel Pryor

WASHINGTON – The Alliance for Youth Action (The Alliance) is announcing the launch of a six figure mobilization mail program in South Carolina focused on the U.S. Senate contest.

The Alliance will target nearly 400,000 registered 18-39 year olds across South Carolina. These voters have TargetSmart turnout scores between 0 and 70, or who have registered in 2020.  The non-white voters in this universe have TargetSmart partisanship scores between 40 and 100 while white voters have TargetSmart partisanship scores 65-100.

“Lindsey Graham has sold out the young people of South Carolina. They deserve someone who will fight alongside them so they can have a future full of opportunity instead of a Senator who puts lobbyists,  big business, and a corrupt Administration first, “ said Dawn Boudwin, Deputy Executive Director of Network Strategy at the Alliance. 

The mail piece, which is set to hit homes starting October 17, can be viewed here.

The Alliance is a nationwide network of organizations building the progressive political power of young people across the United States. We are committed to motivating and mobilizing young voters to defeat candidates who stand against our communities as well as fighting for the issues we care about most beyond Election Day.  We do not endorse candidates. Instead, we push candidates to champion the issues young people care about, educate young people on the stances candidates take on those issues, and make it clear that candidates must earn young people’s votes.


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