ICYMI: Young voters, not dark money, should decide Wisconsin’s Future

For Immediate Release:

March 22, 2023

Press Contact:

Carmel Pryor


“The stakes are sky high and wealthy special interest groups have taken notice. It’s up to every Wisconsinite, but especially us as young voters, to make sure that it’s the people of Wisconsin — not out-of-state dark money spenders — who decide who sits on our court.”

WASHINGTON – On March 10th, The Cap Times published an Op-Ed by Co-Executive Directors Amanda Avalos and Cendi Trujillo Tena of Leaders Igniting Transformation, an affiliate organization in the Alliance for Youth Action Network. This women of color-led nonprofit organizes young people to build independent political power in Wisconsin. 

Avalos and Tena argue the importance of April’s judicial election in Wisconsin, laying out some subsequent issues the Supreme Court will have to weigh in on such as abortion access and gerrymandering. The race is an appealing target for dark money influences. With early voting underway, Wisconsin’s young people can wield their collective strength and shape their futures by taking to the ballot box.

Excerpts from The Cap Times Op-Ed

  • “Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has handed off the legality of abortion and other major issues to the states, Wisconsin courts are more decisive than ever. In the coming year, our state Supreme Court could rule on everything from the future of abortion access to the preservation of our right to vote under fair maps.
  • “In the judicial election this April, we have the opportunity to ensure that the newest judge on the court is someone who understands that our fundamental rights and freedoms should be protected, not stripped away.”
  • “Extremist politicians in charge of drawing our state maps have doubled down on efforts to manipulate our voting districts in such a way that ensures their reelection by silencing the voices of thousands of Wisconsin voters across the state.”
  • “For years now, big-dollar spenders have been working doggedly to politicize our courts and buy influence. Money is flooding judicial elections at a terrifying rate. The 2020 election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court was the most expensive in the state in more than a decade, while this year’s race is expected to break all spending records.
  • “We don’t vote for our judges to be politicians, starting partisan food fights and trading political favors. We vote for judges to be impartial and fair-minded, loyal only to our state Constitution and not campaign donors.”
  • “Our courts are the last line of defense for our rights and freedoms. They rule on key issues like school funding for our schools, neighborhood safety, and the purity of our water and air.
  • “This April, do what’s right for your community and vote in our state Supreme Court election. The future of Wisconsin depends on it.”

If you would like to speak with Co-Executive Directors of Leaders Igniting Transformation Amanda Avalos and Cendi Trujillo Tena to learn more about young people’s role in April’s judicial election in Wisconsin, please reach out to Carmel Pryor, Vice President of Communications and Engagement of the Alliance for Youth Action. (press@allianceforyouthaction.org).


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