Alliance for Youth Action Network Mobilized Historic Youth Voter Turnout Across the Country That Will Help Propel Biden to Victory

November 6, 2020

Carmel Pryor

The voters have decided. More Americans have voted for Joe Biden than any candidate in US history, and he is on the cusp of meeting the 270 electoral college threshold to confirm his election as president. Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. And it took young people organizing from the streets to the ballot box to save our democracy. 

As projections from CIRCLE show, at a minimum, youth turnout across the country increased by a minimum of five points from 2016 and possibly increased by as much as 10 points. Young people decided this election. 

Since the election of Trump, young people have been fighting for our communities in every way possible. Young people have marched for climate justice, organized to kick the police out of our schools, taken to the streets to defend Black lives, run mutual aid programs to support one another during the pandemic, and voted to defeat the horrors of this Administration. For young people, this election was about fighting for a future that centers our people and treats them with respect, dignity, and humanity. 

There would be no Biden-Harris victory without the youth vote – and specifically the votes of young people of color. There would also be no Biden-Harris victory without the organizing power of young people – including those who cannot vote – to turn out their peers, families, and communities.

The Alliance for Youth Action network has been building towards this election for years, and we’re proud of the work these youth-led and focused organizations contributed to this moment. While we are laser-focused on the year round fight to build political power alongside young people across the country, today we celebrate the power of Generation Z and Millennials in making this victory possible.