Sarah’s Fearless Leadership

It is with a bittersweet heart that we say goodbye to our fearless leader, Sarah Audelo.

After four incredible years leading the Alliance for Youth Action, Sarah is transitioning out of her role as Executive Director at the end of this month. Sarah led this organization to new heights and now it is time to usher in new leadership.

Before we officially say goodbye, we have to take a moment to honor and celebrate the incredible growth the Alliance has experienced under Sarah’s leadership. And Sarah herself has some parting words of wisdom from these victories.

1 Sarah has successfully led the Alliance Network to expand in more communities centering more young people of color.

Every young person should have access to a community with whom they can organize and take action. Sarah had this opportunity when she was younger and envisions a similar experience for every young person.

  “​​The long-term vision is every young person needs a political home and an organizing home in their communities.”
— Sarah Audelo in Politico

2 Sarah helped push more than $20 million to field organizations and young organizers.

Her parting message to funders is to continue investing in young people because that is how we build real power for the long haul.

“Grant makers who want to see real change should commit to long-term sustained investment in the youth sector. Young people — with their joy, optimism, and innovation — will take it from there.”
— Sarah Audelo in The Fulcrum

3Sarah helped shift the narrative on the youth vote and youth organizing.

Sarah has held the role of hype woman for young organizers across the nation. Through countless interviews, panels, and media appearances, she has driven home that young people are here, engaged, and taking action in their communities.

“There’s so much negative energy and information or stereotypes out there about young people. I love busting through all of that and saying, ‘Let me tell you what young people have been doing.'”
— Sarah Audelo in NPR

4Sarah built an incredible team that continues to innovate, inspire, and drive the work forward all while facing the challenges of being an executive director of color.

Being an executive director of color comes with its own hurdles and barriers. During her time, Sarah has faced these challenges head-on and continues to improve the space for leaders who come after her.

“Any progressive nonprofit serious about dismantling our nation’s inequitable systems should of course consider hiring an executive director of color. But if the organization doesn’t put the pieces in place for that leader to succeed, it will merely perpetuate the inequities it is seeking to overcome.”
— Sarah Audelo in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

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