Stay Posted on the Primaries! Check back to stay up-to-date on what Alliance Network orgs are doing for their state's primary elections

Stay Posted on the Primaries

The Alliance Network works year-round to protect our democracy and expand voting access for young people, and that includes fighting hard for primary elections! After a not-so-off-year, election prep is in full swing again for states with early primaries. Here’s a glimpse of some of the organizing happening in the Alliance Network in the weeks ahead.

Upcoming Primaries

Leaders Igniting Transformation

LIT is getting Wisconsin vote ready! Their local primaries include a big mayoral race in Milwaukee and school board seats up for grabs in La Crosse, where LIT secured mental health resources and family assistance programs last month. Wisconsin’s next statewide election is April 5th.

MOVE Texas

The youth organizers at MOVE Texas are getting out the vote for early voting that starts today! They know that the future of their state –from civil rights, to healthcare, to climate change– lies in the hands of those who win these seats during this primary election:

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • 38 House seats
  • 3 seats on the Texas Supreme Court
  • Dozens of local or state legislative races

Legislative Updates

Chicago Votes x Next Up Oregon

Forward Montana

Forward Montana filed a lawsuit challenging their state on a bill that would have caused chaos by removing judges from pending court cases and decreasing accessibility of political activity for college students, and won! Read more about their recent win here.

Stay #VoteReady

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