WE’RE NOT GIVING UP: The Supreme Court has ruled against student loan borrowers

Since President Biden announced his student debt relief plan nearly a year ago, 44 million people have been hopeful that they could regain some financial freedom. Today, that hope was diminished by the Supreme Court. This morning SCOTUS released its decision on Biden v. Nebraska – ruling against those who bear the burden of student loan debt.This is a major setback in our fight for economic justice. Millions of young people turned out at the ballot box and in the streets to demand action for financial freedom, and once again they’ve been let down. The Alliance Network has been on the front lines of this fight since the beginning, and we’re not letting up now.

So, what does this mean? Starting September 1st, ALL student loan borrowers can expect their loan interest to resume, and can expect to start making payments in October. 

Despite today’s loss, one thing is clear: the fight for student debt cancellation is far from over.

Young people understand another world is possible – a world where we can live out our dreams and not live in debt – and now we know more than ever that we have the political power to make it happen. Continue supporting the Alliance Network and our youth organizers who are working towards bringing us closer to a just economy.

Let’s keep moving forward.