This is how we build for the long haul

When young people are invested in, we all win.

The power of peer-to-peer organizing to turn out the youth vote is amplified when supported by us all. In 2020, despite a pandemic, historic uprising, and economic crisis, young organizers innovated and transformed events, relationship building, and local organizing work to meet the moment. And we won. 

Take a deeper look into some of the youth-led, grassroots organizing from our network that broke youth voter turnout records and propelled President-elect Biden to victory.

We won by organizing in our communities every day, year-round.  Here is a snapshot at some of our network’s greatest local victories in 2020:

  • After two years of rallying and advocating, Leaders Igniting Transformation was successful in getting Milwaukee Public Schools to vote unanimously to end contracts with the Milwaukee Police Department.
  • Chicago Votes celebrated a historic primary election as Cook County Jail became the first-ever jail polling location thanks to the passage of their bill the previous year.
  • New Era Colorado’s (NEC) total universe of previous registrants and voters who pledged to vote turned out at 86%.
  • MOVE Texas’ get-out-the-vote efforts were instrumental in reaching record-breaking early vote turnout in four counties where more young people voted early in 2020 than the entirety of 2016.
  • The Asian Community Development Council distributed over 75,000 multi-lingual voter guides contributing to record voter turnout in the AAPI community in Nevada.

Learn more about all the victories our network won in the 2020 general election here.

People power at the local level is key to real political, cultural, and social change. The Alliance network builds power by creating political homes for young people to fight for our communities and build towards a better future. These political homes foster and develop the skills of young people to take action in their communities by testifying, marching, and fighting for progressive policies that will help our people thrive. This is how we build a movement that is truly of young people, by young people, for all people.

Help us continue this work. Invest in local youth organizing for the long haul. 

When we build the political power of young people, we create a better future for us all.