The youth vote is flexing its power

November 3rd Update

Election Day has finally come and we already have a lot to celebrate. 10 million young people have voted early and even more will be heading to the polls today. The youth vote will make history. But this didn’t come out of nowhere. This was the result of years of grassroots organizing from youth-led organizations in the Alliance for Youth Action network. 

Here is just a glimpse of the work these organizations have done this year to mobilize young people and fight for our future.

  • 85, 765 voters registered 
  • 3,623,357 calls made
  • 4,932,560 texts sent
  • 1,291,759 voter guides distributed
  • 4,200 volunteers recruited

Young people are also on the right side of history, and through local, youth-led organizing, the Alliance network is making change every single day across this country and today will be no different. 

For those who have yet to vote, today is the last chance to make your voice heard at the ballot box. Follow the lead of young people and be a voter. Find your polling place at our #VoteReady hub and make sure you know your voting rights

We know that this election is like no other. It is the most important election of our lives and everything is at stake, but young people are fighting and winning for a better future for us all.

October 27th Update

We are days out from Election Day and young people are already winning. Five million young voters have already cast their ballot and many more are expected to vote early ahead of November 3rd1. By mask or by mail at the ballot box, drop box, or mailbox, Generation Z and Millennials are already voting in high numbers – but we take nothing for granted because this is the most important election of our lifetimes.

The Alliance for Youth Action network has been organizing non-stop to get out the early vote. Organizations have recruited hundreds of volunteers to reach young and new voters to talk about their early voting options and what to expect on their ballot. The network has also developed essential voter guides that break down the candidates’ stances on the issues young people care about and describe what the ballot amendments or measures mean so young people can confidently vote up and down the ballot. Additionally, organizations are facilitating relational organizing events where young people can encourage their friends and family to vote early. 

New Era Colorado handing out Voter Guides and Poder in Action’s Youth Poder organizers at their Brujxs con Boletas event.

Alliance organizations are also getting creative with their early voting outreach. Engage Miami plastered the city with Vote Early billboards and bus stop signage. Forward Montana is hosting an extended Student Voter Day (four days long this year!) to ensure Montana students cast their ballots early.

On Vote Early Day, MOVE Texas partnered with Harris County and MTV to pass out voter survival guides, masks, hand sanitizer, and swag outside of one of Houston’s mega polling centers.  Poder in Action’s Youth Poder program hosted a socially distant block party called Brujxs Con Boletas (Witches With Ballots) where young people could fill out their ballots together and celebrate voting early. Detroit Action hosted a Just F**kin Vote Music Festival featuring local artists and vendors to help young people learn about voting early and the power of their vote.

Early Voting signage from Engage Miami and Detroit Action at their Just F**kin Vote Music Festival.

If you haven’t yet, join the millions of young people who are voting early and protecting our democracy. Head to our #VoteReady hub on our website to make your early voting plan today. Already voted? Help us spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to your friends and family to vote early and be an October voter.