5 Ways to Protect Democracy

The Alliance for Youth Action network has always fought for Democracy Done Right, but during the primaries too many experienced long lines at polling locations, a national shortage of poll workers, and efforts to suppress the youth vote. Our democracy is under attack. 

The Alliance for Youth Action network organizes every day to protect our democracy. Now, nearly 100 days until the general election, we need your help. 

From placing a polling site on your campus to registering your friends to vote, there is something everyone can do to ensure all voices are heard this November.

Here are five ways you can help us protect democracy:

1 Host a Campus Takeover event for National Voter Registration Day. 

For the third year in a row, the Alliance is teaming up with the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition to run Campus Takeover—an effort on National Voter Registration Day to mobilize a mass number of students around elections by registering them to vote, creating celebratory environments around voting, and fostering a culture of civic engagement on campuses. This year, we are supporting students running events in person and online. 

campus takeover event in Colorado

2 Power the polls by WORKING THE ELECTIONS

This is a critical moment. Even before the pandemic, the US was experiencing a shortage of election workers. The pandemic has exacerbated this need. Power the Polls will be a part of the solution by recruiting poll workers who can staff in-person voting locations during early voting and on Election Day.

3 Celebrate Vote Early Day

When people vote early, they help ensure that last-minute problems will not prevent them from casting their ballots – and shorten voting lines on Election Day for everyone. Vote Early Day is a movement of nonprofits, businesses, election administrators, and creatives working to ensure all Americans know their options to vote early.

two organizers at a party for early voting

4 Protect or place a new polling site in your community.

The Alliance for Youth Organizing, Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, and Campus Vote Project has come together in partnership with MTV to expand voting access on college, university, and community college campuses across the country with the +1 the Polls initiative. Sign up today to learn how to protect an existing polling site or create a new one on your campus.

woman walking into polling site in arizona

5 Get out the vote by SUPPORTING one of the Alliance’s network organizations.

The Alliance is America’s premier youth organizing network because our work is driven 100% by local organizations. When the movement succeeds, it’s because of the local organizations putting in the work. Support one of these organizations in your state.