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Take part in our Dreams Not Debt Campaign

We are building a future where young people are financially free to achieve their dreams. Join us as we fight for debt-free futures.

Share your student debt story, sign our petition, and find other ways to take action!

We deserve the right to dream freely, not be held back by student debt.

Get #VoteReady

Getting #VoteReady is one of the most powerful ways we can fight for our democracy. And that power is in our hands. Use our #VoteReady center to get registered, make a plan, learn what’s on your ballot, and how to protect democracy.

Protect Democracy Initiatives

Campus Takeover

Campus Takeover

Campus Takeover is a nation-wide effort on National Voter Registration Day to mobilize students for the upcoming 2020 election and beyond by registering them to vote, creating celebratory environments around voting, and fostering a culture of civic engagement on campuses.

+1 the Polls

+1 the Polls

The Alliance for Youth Organizing, Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, and Campus Vote Project have come together in partnership with MTV to expand voting access on college, university, and community college campuses across the country. 


National Voter Education Week helps voters bridge the gap between registering to vote and casting a ballot. During this week, voters have the opportunity to find their polling location, understand their ballot, make a plan to vote in person or remotely, and more.

Vote Early Day

Vote Early Day

We are proud to be a partner for the first-ever Vote Early Day. Vote Early Day is a movement of nonprofits, businesses, election administrators, and creatives working to ensure all Americans know their options to vote early and make their voices heard.

Want to take action locally?

The Alliance is America’s premier youth organizing network because our work is driven 100% by local organizations. When the movement succeeds, it’s because of the local organizations putting in the work. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters in politics is people power at the local level. That’s why we support the organizations that build it.

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