Celebrate Our Biggest Wins of the Year: The Alliance’s Greatest Hits of 2021

We are wrapping up 2021 by celebrating our greatest hits of the year! From passing progressive policy in state legislatures to turning out the youth vote nationwide, the Alliance Network made this a year to remember.

Track 1: We took action to impeach and remove Trump from office

On January 7th, we released a statement demanding that Trump and allies in Congress be held accountable for the acts of violence on January 6th. Although young people know our democracy is nowhere near perfect, the events of January 6th were a sobering reminder of how far we have yet to go.

Track 2: We fought for federal and local voting rights action

Our vote is one of our most powerful tools for change, and right now, our voting rights are under attack. We will continue to fight to protect our freedom to vote. Youth-led organizations in our Network are fighting back to defend our democracy, but we need everyone in this fight.

Track 3: We advocated for a future free of student debt

This year we launched our Dreams Not Debt campaign. With $1.7 trillion owed by nearly 44 million people in the US, it’s safe to say we are in a massive student debt crisis that especially hurts young people already stunted by rising housing prices, low wages, and recession. We launched Dreams Not Debt to build a future where young people are financially free to dream.

Track 4: Our network celebrated progressive wins in state legislatures

Young people have been at the forefront of the most critical fights for our communities taking place in state legislatures.This year our Network orgs took the necessary steps to strengthen our democracy and block harmful legislation that threatens it. 

Track 5: We hosted an IG Live with Vice President Kamala Harris and Storm Reid on voting rights

Track 6: Our Network graduated 100+ young people from leadership development programs

This summer, Alliance Network orgs fostered the development and civic education of young people through internships, fellowships, and other organizing programs! Take a look at our Hot Organizing Summer recap.

Track 7: Alliance orgs got young people #VoteReady during the civic holidays

Who said 2021 had to be an off-year?! This fall Network organizers were hard at work getting young people #VoteReady. As our youth continue to be innovative on the streets and online getting people registered to vote, we encourage you to get #VoteReady ahead of another big election year.

Track 8: Our Network turned out the youth vote for the election

This year, in addition to electing progressive candidates and winning on key issues, Alliance organizations did what they do best – turn out young voters! Check out our Election Day recap to see what our Network orgs were up to this election season.

Track 9: We welcomed a new Executive Director

And if you haven’t heard, we recently welcomed Dakota Hall as the new Executive Director of the Alliance! We are incredibly excited to see what he has planned for the future of youth organizing. Get to know Dakota with this blog post announcing his hire!