Introducing…Democracy Debut!

More than 8 million young people have turned 18 since the 2020 election. Imagine a world where every single one of them cast their ballot in the 2022 midterm elections. That’s the world we want to create. That’s why we do this work! And today, the Alliance for Youth Action is rolling out the red carpet to celebrate first-time voters making their Democracy Debut this November with our new campaign.

Are you voting for the first time in this year’s midterm elections? Tell us what is motivating you to make 2022 your democracy debut! We want to hear what issues are driving you to the polls and what your plan to vote is for this year. Share your story so we can celebrate with you! 

Democracy Debut is a digital campaign dedicated to welcoming first-time voters into our democracy. There are millions of newly eligible voters each year, and the Alliance wants every single voter to feel confident about making their democracy debut into their civic engagement journey. Young people are passionate about multiple issues impacting them, their families, and their communities. Whether in the streets, at the courthouse, or the ballot box – millions of young people across the country are making their voices heard for the first time.

While this campaign specifically targets the 8 million newly eligible young voters, anyone who is voting for the first time this November can participate!  

Making your democracy debut is all about how you’re engaging in the political process for the first time. While it’s just one of many ways young people can participate in the political process, voting is a powerful way to make their voices heard and impact issues affecting them and their communities.

Make Sure You’re #VoteReady

The most important thing you can do now, is to vote. Our vote is one of the most powerful tools we have in defending and strengthening our democracy, so make sure you’re harnessing your power. Check your registration status and register to vote, see what’s on your ballot, and make a plan to vote at the Alliance #VoteReady hub today.

We’re Fighting for a Stronger Democracy

The stakes are far too high to take anything – especially our democracy – for granted, and youth organizers in the Alliance Network know that. It is the power of local youth organizing that will fuel the turnout of the new 8 million young people making their democracy debut at the polls this November. According to CIRCLE data, young people are more likely to pay attention to local, Congressional, and Senate elections when contacted by a local community organization. And it is the local youth-led organizations in the Alliance Network that do just that – contact young people through innovative, impactful peer-to-peer organizing. 

Youth organizers in the Alliance Network know that young people are multi-issue voters and have invested in and built with young people year-round. Read more about what the network has done over the years to fight voter suppression and expand access to the ballot box in their states.

Young People are an Electoral Force

Since 2018, young people have been turning out in record numbers and winning real progress. And in 2020, young people did their jobs. Amid a global pandemic and widespread economic uncertainty, half of all young people ages 18 to 29 voted. President Biden took office with Democratic control of the House and Senate because young people turned out to vote across the country to deliver their victories.

Young people can once again play a crucial role in saving our democracy and defeating candidates that threaten our future of free and fair elections. Our August poll of young voters in battleground states found that the overwhelming majority of young people in these key states say they plan to get involved in the 2022 elections with 86% saying they will turn out to vote.

With millions of new voters this cycle, including over 3.8 million BIPOC youth, this is the most diverse electorate the country has ever seen. 

The poll we conducted earlier this year already rang the alarm for political leaders in Washington, DC to focus on the policy priorities that young people care about well ahead of November. Midterm election candidates must have robust plans to address protecting abortion access, democracy reform and voting rights, affordable healthcare, and passing common sense gun laws – the top issues driving young battleground state progressives to vote this November. Young people are ready to cast their ballot this November, so it’s on political campaigns to reach out to young voters on the issues they care about.