Let’s Get Democracy Done Right: Alliance for Youth Action Hosting Week of Action to Shine Light on How Youth Organizers Fight to Protect Democracy


August, 24 2022


Carmel Pryor press@allianceforyouthaction.org

WASHINGTON — Today, the Alliance for Youth Action is reintroducing its nationwide Democracy Done Right campaign, dedicated to building and strengthening voting systems for all Americans. The campaign is based on a simple idea: Every citizen should be automatically registered to vote, get to cast their ballot in a secure, accessible way that fits their needs, and never ever have their right to vote taken away for any reason. 

Join us for this last week of August as we bring you state and national information on all things voting and what we’re doing on the ground. The week will culminate in the official release of our most recent polling results, sharing sentiments from young voters across key battleground states.

Check out our lineup of updates and actions planned throughout our week of action:

Kick off the Democracy Done Right Week of Action on Socials

Join us in kicking off the Democracy Done Right Week of Action by heading to our social channels. Be sure to check out our new video!

Celebrate Democracy Wins Across the Alliance Network

Tomorrow, we are celebrating Alliance Network organizers and all of the work they’ve done to protect democracy in their communities. 

Stay Posted on the Primaries: Your August Primary Update

After a summer of primaries ahead of the November midterm election, we’ve got more updates for you! Stay posted on the primaries in the Alliance Network with this blog post.

Shine a Light on our Hometown Heroes

We’re bringing the Youth Organizer Spotlights back, this time to highlight Alliance youth who are organizing in their hometowns! Look out for an email hitting your inbox this Friday!

Join Democracy Done Right Take Action Day

On Monday, August 29th, take action with the Democracy Done Right campaign, and encourage those around you to take the first steps in protecting and strengthening our democracy.

Be the First to Read Our Latest Poll: Young Battleground State Voters on the Issues Driving Their Participation in the Midterm Elections

The opinions and views of young people are essential to keeping our democracy alive, and essential to making meaningful change. We polled young voters in battleground states. Check back next week for our most recent findings!

As America sets the pace for the world being a big, brilliantly diverse nation, why is our voting system a better fit for 19th century white landowners? Let’s take action now. Help protect our democracy and make sure you and your community is #voteready. Let’s get democracy done right together!

Learn more about the Democracy Done Right campaign, and stay updated throughout the week by following the Alliance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!