RELEASE: The Alliance for Youth Action Launches “Democracy Debut” Campaign to Celebrate the Power of First-Time Voters

For Immediate Release:

October 12, 2022

Press Contact:

Carmel Pryor

WASHINGTON— Today, the Alliance for Youth Action is rolling out the red carpet to  celebrate first-time voters making their “democracy debut” this November and welcome them into the political and electoral process. Since 2020, over 8 million young people have turned 18 years old—making them eligible to vote in the 2022 elections. This includes over 3.8 million BIPOC youth, making this the most diverse electorate the country has ever seen. 

In a period when democracy is under threat, we face a climate crisis, rising housing prices, low wages, and recessions, the young people making their democracy debut this midterm election want big bold policy solutions to these problems.

“Democracy Debut is about hearing from the nation’s next generation of voters who will be a decisive electoral force this November and will again play a crucial role in saving our democracy and defeating candidates that threaten our future of free and fair elections,” said Alliance for Youth Action Executive Director Dakota Hall. “And it is local youth organizers in the Alliance Network who are crucial in protecting first-time voters’ democracy debut. Youth organizers from coast to coast will continue to fight voter suppression in their states and for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and youth of color to have access to the ballot box in their states. However, electeds must not take this voting bloc for granted and work for their support this November by centering the demands of young people.”

Leading up to Election Day, the Alliance for Youth Action’s Democracy Debut campaign is inviting young people to share their story of voting for the first time and the issues motivating them to go to the ballot box this year—and then we’re getting them #VoteReady. While it’s just one of many ways young people can participate in the political process, voting is a powerful way to make our voices heard and impact issues affecting our communities.