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Over time, America has become a big, brilliantly diverse nation. So why is our voting system still fit for the 19th century white landowner? Join our Democracy Done Right (DDR) campaign to help us modernize our voting systems for the 21st century.

When a modern nation has outdated registration and voting systems, it wastes millions of dollars, undermines voter confidence, and denies eligible citizens their sacred right to democracy. Democracy Done Right is about fixing all that! Gen-Z and Millennial voters are the largest and most diverse voting bloc in our nation’s history, and we deserve a voting system that reflects the America we are today. We believe that when more people participate in our democracy, the better it works. And for more people to participate in our democracy, we must build voting systems for the modern voter.

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The Alliance is taking action to build a voting system that works for all Americans. Check out our lineup of events and actions to see how you can get involved. 👇🏽

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We want a voting system for modern America. So, what does democracy done right actually look like?

  • Every eligible citizen is automatically registered, and up-to-date via agencies like the DMV
  • Every eligible citizen can freely choose the best voting option for them
  • No citizen ever loses their voting rights

We are calling on our elected leaders to support us in creating a voting system that reflects the America we are, right now. Join the Democracy Done Right campaign by signing the petition!

Learn more about Democracy Done Right with our new video

Join us in kicking off the Democracy Done Right revamp by checking our new video! Share it with your friends and family to let them know you’re in on the campaign too.

Celebrate democracy wins across the Alliance Network

What does Democracy Done Right look like in action? Alliance youth organizers are turning ideal, innovative voting reforms into viral, inevitable policies across the nation. From the first Automatic Voter Registration to the first polling place in a county jail — young people are re-imagining what our voting system can look like.

Read what some of our network orgs have done already to transform our voting system.

Stay posted on the primaries

After a busy summer of primaries ahead of the November midterm election, we’ve got more updates for you! Stay posted on how Alliance organizers got their communities #VoteReady for their primary elections.

Shining a light on our Hometown Heroes

There are hundreds of youth organizers in the Alliance Network fighting to build a better future for their communities. And for many of them, those communities are where they grew up! There is something so special about the folks who choose to invest their time and talent back into the community they were raised in. In the latest installment of our Youth Organizer Spotlight series, we are shining a light on some really special youth organizers who are building a brighter future in their hometowns.

Check out our latest poll

in collaboration with Civiqs, we polled young people ages 17-39 across the political spectrum in battleground states on their top policy priorities and issues driving them to the polls this November, their feelings about politicians and government institutions, and their opinions about the 2022 midterms.

Check out our findings!

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