We won in the midterms, let’s keep moving towards a Democracy Done Right

Young people have continued to turn out in record numbers despite attempts to silence young voters’ voices because we believe in a Democracy Done Right where America’s voting system is strengthened and democracy is protected. 

Join the Democracy Done Right campaign today by adding your name to our petition! We are calling on elected leaders to support us in creating a modern voting system that works for everyone. 

This means:

✅Voter registration made easy by automatically registering every citizen, and keeping their registration up-to-date via agencies like the DMV.

✅Every voting citizen can freely choose an option to vote that works for them.

✅No citizen should ever lose their right to vote.

Democracy on the Ballot

The Alliance Network saw the incredible power of the youth vote in this year’s midterms first-hand. Just this week, Rev. Raphael Warnock won re-election to the US Senate thanks to Black women-led organizations like New Georgia Project and Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda who helped to turn out a record number of young voters, particularly Black youth. And with help from the Alliance! We ran a call program that made approximately 800,000 calls to young Georgians after early voting ended to remind them of the stakes of the runoff election, and to help them make a plan to vote for Warnock.

And sure enough, young voters in Georgia emerged to be a critical demographic in the runoff election.

According to data from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, voters under 30 cast around 156,000 early ballots in the runoff. More than 91,000 Gen Z voters aged 18 to 24 cast their ballots in-person or by absentee ballot. With young voters overwhelmingly supporting Warnock, the results of the Georgia runoff reflect how young people will continue to respond to candidates who focused on issues important to them like climate change, abortion rights, and student debt relief.

As young people continue to be fierce defenders of our democracy, here are some of the voting rights wins we are celebrating from the local youth organizing that got out the youth vote in this year’s midterm elections:

Detroit Action helped Michigan voters pass Proposal 2, a constitutional amendment to establish early voting, preempt efforts to enact more stricter voter ID rules, and expand access to absentee voting. With battles over election administration remaining prominent in American politics, this amendment was a huge win for voting rights in Michigan, giving voters an opportunity to weigh in directly on future election rules.

Thanks to grassroots organizing in Colorado, youth voter turnout in a midterm election hit historic highs this year. New Era Colorado’s base turned out at 60%, second only to the historic highs of the 2018 midterm. High turnout led to a bevy of victories down the ballot such as passing key ballot measures around housing, and free healthy school meals.

Earlier this year, Forward Montana fought hard in the courts this year for Election-Day registration and won! This led to many more young Montanans utilizing this opportunity to cast their ballot on Election Day.

Next Up saw big wins in Portland this year after young voters won the Portland Charter Reform which will allow for more voice and choice in elections, and geographic representation.

The work doesn’t stop at the midterms. When our youth are civically engaged from a young age, they become lifetime voters. Through our newest campaign, Democracy Debut, we are engaging with first-time voters to hear their stories on what issues are driving them to the polls this November and beyond. Here’s what they had to say 👇🏽

Did you or someone you know vote for the first time in this year’s midterms? Let’s celebrate with you! Submit your story and tell the world how you made your Democracy Debut!

A democracy done right is all about ensuring citizens have easy, safe access to the ballot box in a way that best fits their needs. Our democracy will face new challenges in 2023, the voting rights wins, driven by the network’s grassroots organizing in 2022, show that their communities want reform that will make a democracy done right a reality for everyone.

Join the movement today to help us continue defending our democracy into the new year. 

Our vote is our power, let’s defend it together.