Our year, Wrapped.

In case you missed it, the Alliance did a lot of awesome work this year! Here is a recap of everything that made this a year to remember.

Young people made the difference this year, and we can’t lose momentum. Growing the progressive people-power in our communities is a year-round job, and now is not the time to sit back. Join us to #PowerProgress for the future! Now through the end of 2022, your donation will be matched by our friends at Democratizing Philanthropy Project! 

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Fueling Civic Engagement

  • Civics Holidays
  • Democracy Done Right Week of Action
  • Youth FTW
  • Democracy Debut
  • 2022 Midterm Elections

Tackling Student Debt Crisis

  • Dreams Not Debt Week of Action
  • Student Debt Rally at the Dept. of Education
  • Biden’s Student Debt Announcement

Deepening Network Engagement

  • Youth Organizer Spotlights
  • Network Program Retreat
  • Monthly Membership Competition
  • Embed Program

Making Headlines

  • Polling
  • Top Press Hits

Fueling Civic Engagement

Civic Holidays

Before starting the holiday season, let’s take a look back at our favorite holidays: the Civic Holidays. Nobody does civic celebrations like the Alliance Network. From National Voter Registration Day to Election Hero Day, Alliance organizers turned up and turned out various events, digital campaigns, and educational programs to get more young people ready to vote in this year’s midterms.

Democracy Done Right Week of Action

Young people turn out to vote in record numbers despite attempts to silence their voices because they believe in a Democracy Done Right. This campaign is all about creating a reality where more people participate in our democracy, and have protected, easy access to the ballot. This year, we amplified Democracy Done Right through a week of voter rights actions.

Youth For the Win: A Livestream Event

On September 21st, we gathered young movement leaders from across the network for panel discussions on the powerful role the Gen-Z and Millennial voting bloc would play in this year’s midterm elections. We were joined by activist Tiffany Dena Loftin, indie pop band The Aces, and journalist Paola Ramos along with live performances from DJ Saint Cedes and DJ Searchlight.

Democracy Debut

With more than 8 million people turning 18 since the 2020 election, we wanted to roll out the red carpet for new voters casting their ballots for the first time in this year’s midterm elections! In October we launched Democracy Debut, a new campaign dedicated to celebrating first-time voters. Since then, we’ve collected stories from five young voters on what’s driving them to the polls this year.

2022 Midterm Elections

The Alliance Network flexed the power of the youth vote in this year’s election. Young people turned out (again) in record numbers, second only to the historic turnout of the 2018 midterms. Needless to say, we are celebrating a lot of wins from across the Alliance Network into the new year. 

Tackling the Student Debt Crisis

Dreams Not Debt Week of Action 

This year, we spent a week dreaming of what life could be without the weight of the student debt crisis. In early April, we took a series of actions to put pressure on President Biden to follow through on his campaign promise to cancel student debt. 

Join our Dreams Not Debt Week of Action

Student Debt Rally at the Dept. of Education

During the Dreams Not Debt Week of Action, we joined several partners on the streets of Washington, D.C. to rally for student debt cancellation outside of the Department of Education. We were also joined by youth organizers from the Alliance Network representing Virginia Student Power Network and Ohio Student Association. 

Biden’s Student Debt Announcement

Thanks to the work of student debt advocates, many of them in the Alliance Network, on Wednesday, August 24th, President Biden made his announcement on his plans for canceling student debt. This decision is the biggest step a president has ever taken to address the student debt crisis. Over the past year, we have attended rallies, signed petitions, shared our student debt stories, and even met with the Biden Administration. Organizing works! 🎉

Deepening Network Engagement

Youth Organizer Spotlights

This year, we wanted to focus our lens on the individual stories that make up the Alliance Network’s organizing power. We launched a new digital storytelling project to highlight different leaders from across the network and their connections to the communities they organize in.

Network Program Retreat

In late June, we hosted the 2022 Alliance Network Program Retreat in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico to bring together senior staff from the network who are hard at work leading local youth vote efforts. Staff whose roles primarily focus on on-the-ground electoral and issue organizing in their communities came together in-person to strengthen their 2022 program plans ahead of election season. 

Monthly Donor Competition 

From July 25th-31st, we continued our tradition to grow our network of grassroots giving with the eighth annual Monthly Donor Competition. This year, we had eleven organizations go head-to-head in a nationwide match to grow their monthly donor program, unlocking matching grants from the Alliance in return.

Embed Program

In the last two weeks of October, the Alliance staff worked across the country to get out the youth vote. From Montana to North Carolina, we joined forces with Alliance Network orgs to host events, knock on doors, and engage with voters ahead of the midterm elections.

Making Headlines


In collaboration with Civiqs, we surveyed young voters in two different polls this year. At the top of the year, our sister organization, Alliance for Youth Organizing, asked young folks how they feel about the country’s future, what policies the Biden Administration should prioritize, how they plan to engage this year leading up to the midterm election, and more. In August, we polled young voters in battleground states on the top policy priorities and issues driving them to the polls this November, their feelings about politicians and government institutions, and their opinions about the 2022 midterms.

And after all of our work this year, we made a splash in the press! Check out some of our biggest press hits from 2022:

We are incredibly grateful to have you support us through all of these amazing moments from this last year. From everyone across the Alliance Network, we thank you! Let’s close out the year with a period of radical rest and recharge, and get ready to take on the excitement and challenges of the new year.